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Elements of Pulsed-Power Technology and High Current Beams course

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University of Maryland
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Elements of Pulsed-Power Technology and High Current Beams


Hugh Kirbie and George Caporaso, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This survey course deals with the storage, compression, and application of electrical energy to accelerate high current electron beams. The general topics of energy storage, power conditioning, high-power switching, and beam loading will be introduced by tracing the flow of power from the beam to the wall plug. Along the way, specific components will be encountered and discussed, which include: transmission lines, Blumleins and other pulse forming lines, pulse forming networks, rf and induction modulators, Marx banks, thyratrons, spark gaps, magnetic pulse compressors and solid state switches. Examples of complete pulsed power chains for induction accelerators will be given in both lectures and problems. A background in undergraduate electromagnetism and a familiarity with introductory circuit theory are assumed.