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Electron Beam Sources and Injectors course

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University of Maryland
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Electron Beam Sources and Injectors


Charles Sinclair and Bruce Dunham, CEBAF

This course will cover the underlying physics and the practical technology involved in designing and building injectors for contemporary electron accelerators. The injector is defined to include all the accelerator elements necessary to produce a reasonably relativistic beam (gamma>10-20) with suitable longitudinal and transverse properties. We will begin with a study of DC electron guns incorporating either thermionic or photoemission cathodes. Following this, beam transport, bunching, chopping and RF capture will be covered, along with the steps necessary to prepare and control polarized electron beams. RF guns will then be discussed if time permits. Details drawn from several state-of-the-art injectors will motivate both discussions and problem sets. The computational codes employed in electron gun and electron injector design (EGUN, PARMELA, POISSON, MAFIA, etc) will be introduced and demonstrated in work sessions. Prerequisites: classical mechanics and electromagnetism.