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Accelerator Physics course

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Stanford University


Accelerator Physics


Robert Siemann, Stanford University

An introduction to basic accelerator physics in linear and circular accelerators. Topics include: acceleration, phase stability, transfer matrices, beam envelopes, emittance, and the effects of synchrotron radiation. The course also includes brief introductions to topics of current research including nonlinearities and instabilities. Prerequisites: advanced undergraduate classical mechanics and electrodynamics. Familiarity with a computer program such as MATHEMATICA or MATLAB will be helpful for performing homework assignments. References: K. Brown & R. Servranckx First - and Second-Order Charged Particle Optics SLAC-PUB-3381 (July, 1984); E. D. Courant & H. S. Snyder Theory of the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron Annals of Physics 3, 1 (1958); M. Sands The Physics of Electron Storage Rings, An Introduction, SLAC Report 121 (Nov, 1970); R. Ruth, Single Particle Dynamics in Circular Accelerators, SLAC-PUB-4103 (October, 1986).