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Accelerator Fundamentals course

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Stanford University


Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate level)


Helmut Wiedemann and Chitrlada Settakorn, Stanford University

This course is intended to give an introduction to accelerators with emphasis on principles and techniques of beams. It concentrates on the basics and techniques involved in handling and observing particle beams. After a short introduction into particle beam behavior we will discuss magnet design and technology, beam lifetime and UHV technologies, injectors and storage ring beam accumulation and beam observation and orbit correction. A basic overview of synchrotron radiation is followed by a discussion of insertion devices like wigglers and undulators and the principles of a free electron laser. Hands-on experience with a linear accelerator, magnetic measurements, beam observation and measurement, generation of coherent radiation and sub-picosecond bunch length measurements as time permits. Prerequisites: college physics and some electronics.