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Klystron Technology and Measurement Lab course

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Stanford University


Klystron Technology and Measurement Lab


Robert Phillips, Glenn Scheitrum, Arnold Vlieks, Sami Tantawi, SLAC and Neville Luhmann, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Lecture topics include electron and beam focusing design (Scheitrum); klystron theory and simulation (Luhmann); pulse compression theory (Vlieks); microwave measurements (Luhmann); and components design (Tantawi). Experiments include high voltage testing of 65-MW S-band klystron; beam voltage vs beam current measurement; determining perveance; input-output rf characteristics; frequency response; X-band pulse compression experiments; cold test/hot test, using a 50-MW klystron; design and cold testing of X-band power components and klystron cavity; R/Q and other measurements. TE10-TE01 mode converter design and test. Facilities and equipment include 2 S-band klystron test sets, 3 cold test positions, with HP equipment, including network analyzers, 2 X-band klystron test positions. Prerequisite: college course in electromagnetism.