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High Gain Free Electron Lasers course

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University of Chicago


High Gain Free Electron Lasers


Sam Krinsky and Li-Hua Yu, Brookhaven National Lab

This course will begin with a review of synchrotron radiation, undulator radiation and Compton scattering from relativistic electrons. We will then develop the theory of high FELs, following an approach similar to that employed in the study of coherent instabilities in accelerators. A description will be given of the evolution of the radiation field for self-amplified-spontaneous-emission (SASE) as well as for start-up from a laser seed. The dependence of gain on electron beam energy spread and emittance will be described, as will the gain reduction due to wiggler errors. We will discuss the multiparticle coherence of the emission process, as well as the temporal and spatial coherence of the output radiation. Experimental results will be surveyed, as will plans for future development of FEL sources. Prerequisites: Graduate-level classical mechanics and electromagnetism.