U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

University of Chicago (1999)

USPAS sponsored by the University of Chicago
held in Argonne, Illinois
June 14-25, 1999

June 14-25, 1999 two-week full courses

Accelerator Fundamentals
John Galayda, Argonne National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Joseph Rogers and Kern Ormond, Cornell University

Modern Cyclotrons - Principles, Trouble-Shooting, Repair
Henry Blosser and Felix Marti, Michigan State University

Microwave Measurement and Beam Physics Laboratory
Robert Kustom, Douglas Horan, Yoon Kang, Ali Nassiri and Joshua Song, Argonne National Lab

Accelerator Vacuum Physics and Technology
Gerald Jackson, Fermilab and William Turner, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

The Use of Hamiltonian & Lie Algebra Methods to Analyze & Design Accelerator Beamlines
John Irwin and Yiton Yan, SLAC

June 14-18, 1999 one-week half courses

Hard X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation Optics
Dennis Mills, Argonne National Lab

Fundamentals of Superconducting Materials Applied to Accelerators - course cancelled
David Larbalestier, Alex Gurevich and Peter Lee, University of Wisconsin

Beam Techniques - Beam Control and Manipulation
Michiko Minty and Frank Zimmermann, SLAC

Introduction to Accelerator Control Systems using EPICS
Martin Kraimer, Ned Arnold, Janet Anderson, Argonne National Lab; Robert Dalesio, Los Alamos National Lab

June 21-25, 1999 one-week half courses

High Gain Free Electron Lasers
Sam Krinsky and Li-Hua Yu, Brookhaven National Lab

RF Superconductivity for Accelerators
Hasan Padamsee and Jens Knobloch, Cornell University

Superconducting Dipole and Quadrupole Magnets for Particle Accelerators
Arnaud Devred, CEA/Saclay

Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals with Applications to Accelerators
John Carwardine, Frank Lenkszus and Robert Merl, Argonne National Lab