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Microwave Measurement and Beam Physics Laboratory course

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University of Chicago


Microwave Measurement and Beam Physics Laboratory


Robert Kustom, Dougla Horan, Yoon Kang, Ali Nassiri and Joshua Song, Argonne National Lab

This is a laboratory course on radio frequency (rf) systems for accelerators and storage rings. The fundamental E-M and transmission line theory related to the laboratory will be reviewed at the beginning of the class. The student will learn how to measure basic cavity parameters, such as resonant frequencies of the accelerating and higher order modes, shunt impedances, coupling constants of the input coupler and field probes, and beam loading effects. The measurement equipment that the students will use will include network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, and bead-pull apparatus. Frequency and time domain stretched wire techniques will be used to measure beam interactions with rf cavities and vacuum chamber components. Measurements of beam loading will be performed on an rf cavity during operation of the Advanced Photon Source storage ring. The course will also include basic measurements on rf sources and rf power transmission systems such as rf gain, efficiency, and cathode emission curves and phase and amplitude control on klystrons and power matching in waveguides and coaxial transmission lines. Prerequisites: Some familiarity with electrical circuits and concepts.