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Modern Cyclotrons - Principles, Trouble-Shooting, Repair course

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Modern Cyclotrons - Principles, Trouble-Shooting, Repair


Henry Blosser and Felix Marti, Michigan State University

This class is intended to provide a working knowledge of principles and techniques involved in the operation and use of modern isochronous cyclotrons. The course should be particularly useful for those responsible for the operation of cyclotrons, whether large or small, and for staff and students in related roles. Basic features of orbit phenomena in cyclotrons will be reviewed to the extent needed to provide an understanding of normal and abnormal beam behavior (and the inferences to be drawn from the output of diagnostic devices regarding the causes of abnormal behavior). On a parallel track, to provide a background for troubleshooting, the course will review typical engineering features of major cyclotron subsystems viz. magnet, rf, ion source, inflectors, extraction, vacuum, diagnostic equipment, etc. On a second parallel track the course will include a "cultural" component, reviewing outstanding accomplishments in the development of cyclotrons from the beginning to the present. Prerequisites: Undergraduate mechanics, electromagnetism, and differential equations or significant work experience with operation and use of cyclotrons.