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U.S. Particle Accelerator School
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Accelerator Physics course

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University of Colorado at Boulder


Accelerator Physics


Uli Wienands, SLAC

This course is an introduction to the physics and design of high-energy particle accelerators and colliders. Topics include: (1) Single particle transverse beam dynamics, periodic focusing systems, betatron oscillations, magnet lattice building blocks, phase space and beam emittance, dispersion and chromaticity, insertion matching, and examples of magnet lattices; (2) Acceleration and longitudinal beam dynamics, synchrotron oscillations, longitudinal phase space, transition, adiabatic damping, synchro-betatron coupling; (3) Beam stability, perturbations and field errors, linear and nonlinear machine resonances; (4) Collective effects, space-charge, beam instabilities, beam-beam interaction; (5) Synchrotron radiation, damping, beam diagnostics, position monitors, beam current monitors, specialized diagnostics; and (6) Beam injection and extraction. Prerequisites: Electromagnetism and Classical Mechanics.