U.S. Particle Accelerator School

University of Colorado at Boulder (2001)

USPAS sponsored by University of Colorado at Boulder
held in Boulder, Colorado
June 4-15, 2001

June 4-15, 2001 two-week full courses

Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate)
Waldo MacKay, Brookhaven National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Uli Wienands, SLAC

Linear Accelerators
Thomas Wangler and James Billen, Los Alamos National Lab

Object-Oriented Computational Accelerator Physics
John Cary, Svetlana Shasharina and David Bruhwiler, University of Colorado

June 4-8, 2001 one-week half courses

Microwave Measurement and Beam Instrumentation Lab
John Byrd, Robert Rimmer, Derun Li and Stefano De Santis, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Space-Charge Effects in Beam Transport
John Barnard and Steven Lund, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

High-Gain Free Electron Lasers - course cancelled
Samuel Krinsky and Li-Hua Yu, Brookhaven National Lab

Physics and Design of High-Intensity Accelerators
Jie Wei, BNL/ORNL; Alexei Fedotov and Yannis Papaphilippou, Brookhaven National Lab

June 11-15, 2001 one-week half courses

Intermediate Accelerator Physics - Beam Control and Manipulation
Michiko Minty, DESY and Frank Zimmermann, CERN

The Physics of Heavy-Ion Driven Hohlraum Targets
Max Tabak, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Recirculating Linear Accelerators - course cancelled
Geoffrey Krafft and Lia Merminga, Jefferson Lab

Hard X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation Optics
Dennis Mills, Argonne National Lab