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Intermediate Accelerator Physics - Beam Control and Manipulation course

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University of Colorado at Boulder


Intermediate Accelerator Physics - Beam Control and Manipulation


Michiko Minty, DESY and Frank Zimmermann, CERN

In this course we will describe commonly used strategies for the control of charged particle beams and the manipulation of their properties. Emphasis is placed on relativistic beams in linear accelerators and storage rings. After reviewing beam measurement principles and methods, we will discuss basic and advanced beam control techniques, such as transverse and longitudinal lattice diagnostics and matching techniques, orbit correction and steering, beam-based alignment, and linac emittance preservation. Techniques for the manipulation of particle beam properties will also be presented, including bunch length and energy compression, bunch rotation, changes to the damping partition number, and beam collimation issues. The different procedures will be illustrated by examples from various accelerators. Special topics include injection and extraction methods, beam cooling, spin transport and polarization. Prerequisite: Accelerator Physics.