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U.S. Particle Accelerator School
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Physics and Design of High-Intensity Accelerators course

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University of Colorado at Boulder


Physics and Design of High-Intensity Accelerators


Jie Wei, BNL/ORNL; Alexei Fedotov and Yannis Papaphilippou, Brookhaven National Laboratory

High-intensity synchrotrons and accumulator rings are essential elements for new-generation accelerator facilities including spallation neutron sources, neutrino factories, and multi-functional applications. This course is to introduce design principles and procedures, and beam physics and technology for the high-intensity frontier machines. We will start from the design philosophy and basic functions of the ring and the transport lines, and study machine lattice and optimization, injection and extraction options, and machine aperture determination. We then will emphasize beam dynamics subjects including space charge, transverse phase space painting, longitudinal beam confinement with single and dual harmonic radio-frequency systems, magnetic nonlinearity and fringe field, and beam collimation. In computer simulation sessions we will study basic tracking and mapping techniques, tune spread and resonance analysis techniques, and statistical accuracy. Finally, we will discuss more advanced topics like transition crossing, intra-beam Coulomb scattering, beam-in-gap cleaning, chromatic and resonance correction, electron cloud effects and instabilities. Prerequisites: Accelerator Fundamentals or Accelerator Physics.