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Microwave Measurement and Beam Instrumentation Lab course

Sponsoring University:

University of Colorado at Boulder


Microwave Measurement and Beam Instrumentation Laboratory


John Byrd, Robert Rimmer, Derun Li and Stefano De Santis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This is an experimental course in microwave and radiofrequency techniques applicable to accelerator components and systems. Students will be introduced to microwave engineering techniques from a basic level of understanding of electromagnetic fields. Having gained this background, we will develop more thoroughly the analysis and measurement techniques of accelerator components such as pickups and kickers, and rf cavities, as well as beam signals and the interaction of beams with the vacuum chamber components. In the microwave measurements laboratory, students will operate instruments such as network analyzers, time-domain reflectometers, spectrum analyzers, and signal generators. These will be applied to the measurement of cavity modes, electrode response functions, beam impedance, beam induced signals, etc. Accompanying lectures will provide background material in data analysis, terminology, instrument function, and beam interactions. Prerequisites: Some familiarity with introductory accelerator physics and electrical circuits.