U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

University of Texas at Austin (1998)

USPAS sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin
held in Austin, Texas
January 19-30, 1998

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January 19-30, 1998 two-week full courses

Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate)
Michael Syphers, Brookhaven National Lab and Linda Spentzouris, Fermilab

Accelerator Physics
S.Y. Lee, Indiana University

Linear Accelerators
Thomas Wangler and James Billen, Los Alamos National Lab

Computational Methods in Beam Physics
Martin Berz and Kyoko Makino, Michigan State University

January 19-23, 1998 one-week half courses

Accelerator Vacuum Physics and Technology
Gerald Jackson, Fermilab; William Turner, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Electrostatic Accelerators
Richard Hyder, Yale University

Modern Electron Sources
James Rosenzweig, UCLA and Dennis Palmer, SLAC

Fundamentals of High Current Beams and Induction Power Systems
Hugh Kirbie and Yu-Jiuan Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

January 26-30, 1998 one-week half courses

Magnetic Measurements
Henry Glass, Fermilab

Neutron Beams and Accelerators
Alessandro Ruggiero, Brookhaven National Lab

RF Systems for Electron Linacs and Storage Rings
Perry Wilson and Christopher Nantista, SLAC

Precision High Current Beam Manipulation
George Caporaso and Judy Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Lab