U.S. Particle Accelerator School

University of Texas, Austin (2016)

USPAS sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin
held in Austin, TX
January 25 - February 5, 2016

Session photos

January 25-February 5, 2016 two-week full courses

Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab (undergraduate level)
Instructors: Michael Syphers, Northern Illinois University / Fermilab and Alfonse Pham, Michigan State University

Accelerator Physics Using Maple
Instructors: Uli Wienands, SLAC and Eduardo Marin Lacoma, CERN

Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism
Instructor: Gregg Penn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Applied Electromagnetism: Magnet and RF-Cavity Design
Instructors: Mau Lopes and Jeremiah Holzbauer, Fermilab

January 25-29, 2016 one-week half courses

Particle Driven Wakefield Accelerators
Instructors: James Rosenzweig, UCLA and Mike Litos, SLAC

Electron Injectors for 4th Generation Light Sources
Instructors: Fernando Sannibale, Daniele Filippetto and Chad Mitchell, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Radiation Physics, Regulation and Management
Instructors: J. Donald Cossairt and Matthew Quinn, Fermilab

Managing Science in Research Labs, Part I : Strategic Management
Instructors: William Barletta, USPAS/MIT; Barbara Thibadeau, Oak Ridge National Lab and Raffaella Geometrante, Kyma S.r.l.

February 1-5, 2016 one-week half courses

Beam by Design: Advanced Manipulation of Relativistic Electrons with Lasers
Instructors: Gennady Stupakov and Erik Hemsing, SLAC; Spencer Gessner, Stanford University

Fundamentals of Ion Sources
Instructors: Daniela Leitner, Michigan State University and LBNL; Damon Todd, LBNL; Daniel Winklehner, MIT

Hazard Analysis and Decision Making
Instructors: John Thomas, MIT and Enzo Carrone, SLAC

Managing Science in Research Labs, Part II: Managing Organizational Behavior
Instructors: William Barletta, USPAS/MI and Barbara Thibadeau, Oak Ridge National Lab